Zen Menthol Cigerette Tubes 100mm 1 Box

Zen Menthol Cigerette Tubes 100mm 1 Box

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Zen Tubes by HBI International are top quality tubes that burn evenly and taste great! Available in 3 different flavors with 2 different sizes for tons of customization to your smoking experience. Enjoy industry leading smooth flavor and reliability everything you light up!

  • Featured Size & Flavor: "Menthol 100s"
  • King Size (88mm) or 100s (100mm) each with a 17mm cork style cotton filter!
  • Available in Full Flavor Light & Menthol!
  • Delicious and unique flavors you'll love!
  • Tubes with Filters Only. No Tobacco!
  • 1 Box of Tubes
    • 200 tubes in each box!

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